Is it possible to play live casino online free games?

With the development of Internet technologies, gamblers, who cannot go to real casinos (for different reasons) can choose another variant — to visit a playing resource with a real dealer. Some beginners are sure that it is easy to play in live casino online free, but in reality, they see another situation.

Dealers are people who work for a salary not for virtual points (or money). Therefore, the number of live casino online free games is limited, better say, it is almost impossible to play with a real person, but it is possible to watch the game of other players and see how the dealer works to realize if this type of an online entertainment can be a fun for a gambler or they should better pick something simple, like slots.

To start a real contact with a live dealer (the game), the user must register in the chosen casino. Only in this case, after the first deposit, the game can be started. Most live casino games online free are just the demonstrations of the real online casino work. Players cannot make bets if they do not replenish their accounts.

Benefits to play live casino online free games

When a gambler decides to play live casino online free games like Poker, they combine 2 things: getting comfort from staying home or anywhere they are going to gamble from and the coolest feeling of a visit to the best-rated land casino. Besides, they get the following pros:

  • They do not depend on RNG (many gamblers do not trust it already);
  • They get a possibility to watch how a dealer works in reality, getting sometimes the needed prompts from a true professional;
  • The slower rhythm of the game gives a user more time to think and take the better decision (in comparison with a fast game on the simulator or slot);
  • Sometimes, the ability to communicate with the other users during the gaming process is given to a gambler when they decide to play live casino online free.

How do these live casinos work?

Live dealer casino is an online gambling resource combining all the pros of playing online and visiting a real gambling club. The user, who registers on the site, can watch free live casino game online, and then, participate in it. All financial stuff including bets and winnings is under the control of the licenses software: dealer works with the players but not with finances.

However, dealers are live people, and they work there for money. Therefore, if a player is going to find a demo version of a game with a real dealer, they will probably fail: the bet must be made first; then, the game will start. In some online casinos, games, where a real person deals with cards (or Roulette) do not work 24/7. They are available close to 11 AM and cannot be accessed at about 2-4 AM.

Technologies of real dealer casinos

Those players, who want to watch the process of a play live casino online free, dealer Blackjack work and other things that are going online in reality, are interested in the organization of the process.

In brief, it looks like this: the studio and tables for players placed there are rented. Each studio has got several cameral to show the gaming process from different sides. These cameras let gamblers watch the game from different angles. Thanks to optical character recognition technology, translation is transformed into an electronic format and becomes available to users.

At the same time, data is stored locally or in the cloud, and also replenishes the video archive. The player can watch everything that is going in this casino, and surely, no scam or fraud is let here. The gaming process is always transparent.

Games to choose

The majority of live entertainments are card and table games. Most often, these are Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat in variants, Poker, an adapted Wheel of Fortune. Some respected playing resources also add unique and rarely met games. When somebody wants to watch how gamblers play live casino online free, they can choose NetEnt or Microgaming card games — they have the best quality and a lot of their variants are available for players.

Many casinos try to offer their client variants of one and the same game created by different companies. Certain playing resources deal only with one provider.

Live casino games features

Almost each of these games has a “relative” – a slot or a simulator. To start this game, the player just needs to push the Start button: all the prompts will be popping up on the screen. In a live casino, the dealer can tell gamblers what to do. Watching their work, the beginners can understand the algorithm of the game much better and faster than in the case, when playing with a “machine”.

Sometimes, players prefer live table and card games and do not pick slots with them for one reason: they hesitate whether slots can make all calculations correctly. Playing in such a casino is like a visit to a real land establishment — the same emotions and wins are promised.

Minuses of playing with a real dealer

If everything is clear with live casino pros, not all gamblers are ready to face some obstacles when starting a “real” online game. They are the following:

  • When someone watches how gamblers play live casino online free, they understand that only English is used. Many players do not know this language well;
  • The gaming process itself seems to be very slow;
  • The Internet connection must be excellent. Otherwise, the “picture” will be hanging, and the game will be ruined;
  • The live dealer plays not with a single gambler, but with many players, which can annoy sometimes;
  • The bets in these casinos are usually higher, which is not the best choice for a newbie.

However, with all these minuses, live casinos remain the most attractive type of online gambling entertainment that attracts daily millions of fans of table and card games.

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